Tricklebee Cafe


Our Mission

Tricklebee Café is a pay-what-you-can community café that offers healthy meals, food-service training, and spiritual nourishment. We are a ministry of the Moravian Church in America.

What We Offer

We offer a space to foster community, connections, goodwill, and a love for real food with simple ingredients. By offering an inclusive and welcoming space, we hope to bring health, positivity, and peace to our neighborhood.

Our Vision

By providing fresh, healthy, locally-grown food to anyone regardless of ability to pay, we address food insecurity by feeding the immediate need of hunger, while providing resources to educate and inspire people to make a habit of healthy eating. Access to healthy food helps people to better care for themselves and their neighbors, which heals and strengthens community.

Why We Do It

We seek to be a peaceful gathering place in a neighborhood that has experienced violence and neglect. We are a safe, inviting place for neighbors to gather to promote reconciliation and peace. We work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against the economically and socially marginalized by creating a space where individuals from all backgrounds may gather around the concept of a community table.

OWEE Network

Tricklebee Café is part of the One World Everybody Eats Network along with dozens of cafés across the U.S.

Come Visit Us!

We’re located at 4424 W. North Ave. in the historic Uptown Crossing District of the Sherman Park neighborhood. Enjoy our plant-based freshly-made soups, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and hot drinks. Gluten-free options available daily.